About Cody


My name is Cody Danielle and I offer a range of food,drink, commercial and corporate photography.

There is nothing I love more than the freshly sculpted look of food when it has just been prepared. I have specialised in the art of food photography for the past four years and want to help you get the best out of your photography. Food photographs are found everywhere and my aim is to make people salivate at the look of a delicious prepared dish.

As well as food, I work very closely with all types of businesses including fashion, lifestyle and any other in need of imagery. I want to create a relationship with you, so you have a consistent stream of imagery ready to be used for all forms of advertising. 

I also offer a service in digital marketing, which allows me to personally work with you and manage your social media needs. This means you will have a fresh stream of images alongside a social media package.


 (BA) honours Photography at Leeds Art's University